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The Curtis Family Vineyards are established just west of the McLaren Vale township. Its vineyards have flourished, now its sought-after McLaren Vale wines are available on the Australian and export markets.

The story of the Curtis Family Vineyards is really the story of how everything old came new again...of how European immigrants came to Australia, struggled against the odds and then applied old world values and experience to produce fine wines.

The new faces behind the Curtis Family Vineyards are Mark, Thomas & Jenna Curtis, with the guidance of their father, Claudio Curtis who lives on the vineyard just outside McLaren Vale. The name Curtis is thought to derive from Curtius, a noble and wealthy family of the First and Second Centuries AD, the Roman Empire era originating from the Latinium people.

Wines from Curtis Family Vineyards

White and Sparkling

Red and Fortified

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