Wine Preference Systems

Wine reference Systems is the parent company of Wine Genius. Since the Wine Preference Systems Project began back in 2009, with one of the most comprehensive analyses into the attributes of wine – our team of wine analysts / specialists have been tasting wine, one glass at a time. We study and collect the key attributes in every wine tasted – body, sweetness, acidity, tannins, length, balance and many more. We combine these physical attributes with the varietal and climatic ‘thumbprint’ behind every wine, so as to assign each wine its own unique position within the vast wine marketplace.

A ‘stroke of genius’ one might say, or in this case, a ‘taste of genius’. Hence, the evolution of the name “Wine Genius” for our taste recommendation engine that sits behind our website, and the soon to be developed mobile App.

Wine Genius is a first-of-its kind wine recommendation engine, utilizing custom-written software that provides wine recommendations based on the preferred wines of any individual user. You are able to simply drop in the name of a wine that you have enjoyed into the ‘Wine Genius’ recommender. It will quickly search and scan its extensive database of wines for the best matched wines with similar attributes to the wine that YOU tasted and loved.

We continue to strive through our multi-specialist sourcing to keep up-dated with, and taste, the vast amount and evolving styles of wines released each vintage from around Australia. We strongly believe in the intrinsic value of wine, alongside the people and natural elements that make each wine unique. Our team tastes all kinds of wine, from the light delicate sparklings, to fragrant whites, to intense robust reds, to the most luscious of sweet dessert wines.

Our goal at Wine Genius is to help YOU connect with the wine YOU love.

Learn more about Wine Preference Systems at, or call +612 9571 9577.