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Woven with it are his beloved family, outstanding wine-making,and many years experience in the industry he has served since 1973.

Lindemans, Padthaway, Rouge Homme, Arrowfield, Roberston of Clare, Brangayne of Orange... these are just a few names we can drop in describing Simon’‘s unique ability in wine-making. He continues to develop through wine exports and brokering, as well as consult for
many labels you trust and love.

He is extremely loyal to the true nature and character of varietal wines, and is one of the few people on earth who enjoys vintage from beginning to end.

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White and Sparkling

Red and Fortified

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1220 Sydney Road

Mudgee New South Wales & ACT 2850

Phone: 02 6373 1371

Fax: 02 8920 1333

Email: [email protected]

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