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Rivendell Winery was established in the 1980’s, but has been undergoing a regeneration since new owners acquired the vineyard in May 2010. The property is located at 1172 Wildwood Road, situated near Aravina Estate (formerly Amberley Estate) and Deep Woods Estate, Yallingup.

Rivendell Winery's unique timber cellar door and acclaimed restaurant sit elegantly amongst the winery’s manicured cottage gardens and are ideal for weddings, functions and discerning tourists. It offers the perfect escape, complimented by Sven Hug’s unrivalled European cuisine, capped off with finely crafted Howling Wolves wines.

Wines from Rivendell Wines

White and Sparkling

Red and Fortified

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1172 Wildwood Road

Yallingup Western Australia 6282

Phone: (08) 9755 2611

Fax: (08) 9755 2301

Email: [email protected]

Cellar Door

Contact: James Pennington

Email: [email protected]