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Glenmaggie Wines only use their estate fruit, handcrafting small-batch wines, and fuss over them from vine to glass. They are passionate producers who strive for high quality and believe in minimal intervention.

Their philosophy is that a wine’‘s quality comes from where and how it was grown and when it was picked. Ninety per cent of the work is done by the time the grapes are in the shed. Allow the grapes to ferment clean and cool, drain and get the wine into barrel asap and then wait.

Sometimes being patient and waiting is the very best and also hardest thing to do.

Wines from Glenmaggie Wines

White and Sparkling

Red and Fortified

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439 McLachlans Rd

Tinamba West Victoria 3859

Phone: (03) 5145 1131

Fax: (03) 5145 1131

Email: [email protected]

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