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Sited near the charming township of Willow Grove in Central Gippsland the Tanjil vineyard and winery is 250 m. above sea level and overlooks the picturesque Blue Rock Lake.

To suit the cool climate, the classic early ripening varieties of Pinot noir and Pinot Grigio have been selected and planted on a sunny, north facing slope. The reliable Gippsland rainfall, along with the site’s free draining soil profile has allowed our vines to flourish without irrigation. Through the growing season, vine balance is carefully maintained through regulation of crop load, resulting in fruit which is intensely flavoured and is a pure expression of the site’s soil and climate.

The theme of careful hand nurturing continues from the vineyard into the winery. All of the fruit is hand picked and then processed by hand.

Wines from Tanjil

White and Sparkling

Red and Fortified

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