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Matt Steel, the former chief winemaker at Domaine Chandon, has joined Medhurst to bring his extensive experience making the highest quality cool climate wines and ensure that the quality grown in the vineyard is expressed in the wines.

Medhurst Wines is the realisation of the long held and shared vision of Ross and Robyn Wilson to own a property in the Yarra Valley and produce high quality wines. Ross was CEO of Southcorp and drove the company’s acquisition of Penfolds, Lindemans and Wynns in 1990. He has remained passionate about wine ever since.

Ross and Robyn Wilson spent years looking for the perfect site and for many reasons they jointly decided on the Yarra Valley. Robyn Wilson spent her childhood here, and the Australian and international status of this excellent cool climate wine region and its incredible beauty, helped make their decision.

The Medhurst Vineyard was also particularly chosen for its favourable microclimate, north facing slopes, good drainage and magnificent aspect. It was planted in 2000 with chardonnay, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon and shiraz.

With the sole objective of making the best wine possible, careful vineyard management ensures yields are low, averaging two tonnes per acre and providing intensely flavoured fruit.

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24 - 26 Medhurst Road, Gruyere

Yarra Valley Victoria 3770

Phone: (03) 5964 9022

Fax: (03) 5964 9033

Email: [email protected]

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Tasting Notes from Medhurst Wines

Cabernet Shiraz Rose > 2013

  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz

    Yarra Valley



    $20 - $30

    2013 - 2016

Chardonnay > 2013

  • Chardonnay

    Yarra Valley



    $20 - $30

    2015 - 2022

Chardonnay > 2012

  • Chardonnay

    Yarra Valley



    $20 - $30

    2013 - 2020