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Lucinda Estate is located on the edge of Leongatha in South Gippsland, Victoria. Proprietors Lucinda and Andrew Gromotka, live on, grow the grapes and make the wine on site.

The vineyard was planted in the year 1990 on an easterly aspect. The soils are deep red clay loams with ancient volcanic loams with buckshot. (High ironstone content). The climate is cool and affords us a long ripening, allowing for development of complex and flavorsome grapes, whilst retaining natural acidity. The vines are close planted with over 6000 vines to the hectare. Thus keeping the yields per vine to levels well bellow what the vast majority of vineyards in Australia could ever hope to achieve.

Wines from Lucinda Estate

White and Sparkling

Red and Fortified

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108 Parr Street

Leongatha Victoria 3953

Phone: 0439 337 270


Email: [email protected]

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